Ercolino - Campeggi - Giulio Manzoni

The emergency bed is one of Campeggi’s favourite subjects. However, with Ercolino Giulio Manzoni (2006) goes beyond this idea. This is a real bed which ensures the best ergonomical sleep. Another great advantage is that this bed can also be used in a vertical position as a soft storing unit, easily and safely lifted. 
You don’t need to undo the bed to lift it nor empty the storing unit before setting it into the horizontal position.

A wall bed that can be easily lifter and used in a vertical position as a soft storage unit. The pull down ergonomical bed has a solid frame in stratified wood upholstered in foamed polyurethane, with a mattress in polyurethane foam. The fully removable cover is in coloured Lycra.

Bed size: 85 x 195 cm